Attractions in Senj

Walking through the streets of the city you can meet many sights.

Nehaj Fortress

One of the sights of Senj is the Nehaj Fortress, built in 1558, which was one of the strategically important objects of defense against the Turks. The 23-meter-wide and 18-meter-high fort was an excellent observation point for the Uskoks (fugitives), from where they set out on pirate voyages against Turkish and other merchant ships. In 1617, Venetian armies occupied the fort and the pirates were driven out. There is a local history museum in the castle, a café and restaurant on the ground floor, and a magnificent roof view of the city, the surrounding islands and the Velebit Mountains.


St. Mary’s Cathedral Treasury and Library

St. Mary's Cathedral is an eleventh-century Roman-style church. During World War II, the cathedral was damaged. The tombs of former bishops - Ivan de Cardinalibus and Bishop Leonard de Cardinalibus - can also be found in St. Mary's Cathedral. It is worth visiting the treasury and library to see its architecture, paintings, furniture, the remains of other churches and the keys to the city gate of Klis.

zeng muzeum grad

Senj Town Museum

The museum is housed in the home of the most influential Vukasović family in the city, and was built in Gothic and Renaissance style. In terms of cultural attractions, it provides the most comprehensive picture of the history of the city and the surrounding area. In the museum you can see paintings, old postcards, weapons and archeological collections, glagolitic monuments, as well as get to know the wildlife of the area.

horvatorszag senj

45th latitude

On the north side of the city, next to the road, we can see a modern sundial with a glagolitic inscription, indicating the 45th latitude. One standing here is halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.