Almost every day we come across summer programs, the most famous being the Senji Summer Carnival, Samba-Mania, Day of the Believers, Klapa Festival and Halest.

Days of the Uskoks (July)

The event recalls the everyday life of 16th-century Uskoks in Senj, battles, knightly dueling and the siege of the castle that begins in the harbor. The city hosts a fair, jugglers, archery championships and on the streets marchers in contemporrary costumes and renaissance music welcomes those interested. In Cilnica Square you can get acquainted with medieval customs, weapons, toys, handicrafts and food.

zeng samba croatia

Samba Mania (August)

It is a two-day event, during which one can expect a real Brazilian atmosphere by walking in the city. The samba baterias parade begins on Saturday night and ends with a closing performance at Cilnica Square. Samba drum groups and Brazilian samba dancers come from several European countries to celebrate together.

senj karneval

Senj Summer Carnival (early August)

The cheerful carnival atmosphere begins on the city streets a week before the carnival parade. Costumed motor parade, costumed group competition, performances, games, dances, musicians and much more fun.

Klapa Festival (July)

Every year on the second weekend of July, the Klapa festival, a gathering of traditional a cappella singing of Croatian coastal and Istrian women and men, takes place. Today, Klapa is also listed by UNESCO as part of its intangible cultural heritage. The group sings traditional songs about love, wine, the country and the sea. Klapa singing developed over several centuries when men spontaneously gathered and began to sing while drinking wine and cheering. Over time, this way of singing became more and more popular, the bands became more and more professional, and the vocals became more and more sophisticated. One thing, however, has not changed over the years, the clans sing not from their throats but from their souls.

Senj Concert evenings (July and August)

The reputation of this relatively recent tradition is growing every year. Over a period of more than a month, the town hosts some fifteen classical music concerts performed by excellent young Croatian artists. The concerts usually take place on the town’s small squares or in churches.

“Climb to Zavižan” cycling race

The ‘Climb to Zavižan’ bicycle race (0-1,594 m) takes place every year in the month of June. Depending on their fitness level, participants can start the race either in Senj at 0 metres above sea level, or in Oltari at a height of 940 m. The trail is approximately 38 km long. This race brings together approximately 500 cyclists from Croatia and neighbouring countries.